Winter Driving Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Now that winter has officially arrived, it’s time for truck drivers to start thinking about winter driving safety tips.

Here at Paramount Freight Systems, we care about the Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers that we contract with. We want to make sure they stay safe when hauling freight during harsh winter conditions. As truck drivers prepare to drive this season, remember the following winter driving safety tips:

Slow Down and Keep a Safe Distance

Just driving at the speed limit can be too fast for snow-covered or icy roads. Slow down and take the time you need. Also be sure to maintain a good following distance between you and the driver ahead – about a quarter mile.

Driving Winter Roads Safety tips

Carry a Bag of Kitty Litter

When warm tires turn snow into ice around your tires, toss some kitty litter under your tires to give you the needed traction.

Check Your Tail Lights

Whenever you make a stop, be sure to check your tail lights and your tag. Make sure they are visible. During harsh winter conditions, you want to make sure you can be seen.

Watch the Braking

Avoid overusing the foot brake unless your entire unit is straight on the road. If it isn’t straight, the trailer can slide and spin you out of position.

Don’t Forget Fuel Additive

Look for a fuel additive that offers low-temperature operability.  Choose a water-removing additive that removes water caused by ice, and anti-gel additives that prevent the fuel from gelling due to the temperature drop.

What do you think about these winter driving safety tips? Comment below with your own tip.  And if you’re looking to take charge of your career and become an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers, contact us today.

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