Trucking Trade Shows That Will Rev Your Engine

Rev Your Engines

Paramount Freight Systems wants you to enjoy your job. You put millions of miles under your tires and travel the country daily. While you are out and about, take some time to invest yourself into your industry. We’ve provided some of the more interesting trucking events that you can attend throughout the year. In no specific order below is our list of the top three most fun and exciting events this year.

Mid-America Trucking Show – Louisville, KY

This is one of the largest shows in the country. They estimate attendance around 80,000 visitors each year along with over 1,000 exhibitors. With such a large population coming to this show, there will be plenty of booths, interesting gadgets and innovative ideas from all sectors of the industry.

On top of all the interesting industry information there is also the PKY Truck Beauty Championships. Truck drivers from all over the country gather to compete in this contest of who has the most attractive and exceptional truck. For over 25 years drivers have come to Kentucky to compete and show off their sweet rigs. This is a show you have to visit at least once, if not every year.

Walcott Truckers Jamboree – Walcott, Iowa

Rev Your Engines

The I-80 Exit 284 truck stop is a pretty popular place and it isn’t because it’s the largest truck stop in the world… well maybe that is why. Boasting one of the coolest museums of old trucks and the largest facility for drivers, this place is always busy – on a normal day. Then you throw in some fireworks, trucker Olympics, a giant cookout, a Super Truck Beauty Contest and an antique truck display… you might not even want to leave! They aren’t even done yet – throw in some live music, carnival games for the kids, plus free admission and parking and it’ll be hard to say no to this truck show.

National Truck Driving Championships – St. Louis, MO

The national truck driving championship is one of the largest competitions in the country. It is hosted by the American Trucking Associations. This competition used to be known as the National Truck Roadeo. Many drivers come from competing in state trucking associations’ truck driving championships. To qualify the drivers must operate accident-free if they want to compete. The competition consists of a few pieces, the driving skills test, a written exam and a pre-trip inspection. Due to the push for safety from this competition, many competitors have logged millions of accident-free driving miles just so they are eligible to compete.

Paramount Freight Systems is a three-time winner and five-time nominee of the Best Fleet to Drive For Award. If you are an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers looking to join an all Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers fleet, then Paramount Freight Systems is where you want to call home. We care about our drivers and we know you work hard. If you’re interested in being home more often and want to run line haul lanes, contact us! Got a fun memory or interesting fact about one of these shows? Let us know by posting on our social media channels. Want to share this article? We’ve got the tweet ready for you!

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