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Join us for a rare opportunity as drivers, carriers and industry leaders talk with Anne S. Ferro, the current administrator of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. We expect Ms. Ferro to discuss what may lie ahead for the trucking industry, the latest rulings and proposals that impact our industry. Our friends at iGlobal, LLC  will be broadcasting live and hosting a live tweeting session from this weekend’s Expedite Expo, located at the  Roberts Centre, just two exits down interstate 71 from our Jeffersonville terminal. The live session starts at 11 a.m. EST on Friday, July 25, 2014 and ends at noon.

The iGlobal Solution

Paramount Freight Systems is a proud partner of iGlobal, a fast-paced technology company that specializes in providing hardware and software solutions to bring ROI to the transportation industry. We have come to depend on their technologies to keep us moving.Regulations in the trucking industry are constantly changing or in the process of changing and iGlobal is key to keeping us within regulations. Nothing slows a driver or brings a penalty faster than violating Hours of Service requirements. Idle time, down time, and missed hours all take cash out of a driver’s pocket. We know we can count on iGlobal to track hours, miles, idle times, all the while keeping the driver in constant communication with our dispatching and operations staff. iGlobal keeps us moving and in compliance.

Trucking Regulations

For some time now drivers, fleet owners and carriers have struggled with the barrage of new regulations. Currently we are still waiting on a federal highway bill to see what regulations may come next.  On Friday morning the Director of FMCSA will be giving the weekends keynote address. The Expedite Expo will provide an opportunity for truckers, fleet managers, carriers and industry leaders to share concerns directly with Ms. Ferro when they gather in Wilmington Ohio this weekend.

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If you can’t attend this expo you won’t want to miss iGlobal’s coverage of Ms. Ferro’s speech and Q&A.  iGlobal will be broadcasting the speech live and  Tweeting the event as it happens. Be sure to connect with our friends at iGlobal on Facebook and follow along Friday on Twitter so you don’t miss hearing from Anne Ferro. Send your questions to @iGlobal via Twitter with the hashtag #ExpediteExpo.  The iGlobal social media team will be following the hashtag #ExpediteExpo and invite you to join the conversation on Friday.

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