Trucking Moves America Forward

Launched earlier this year, an initiative has been launched to inform the public about trucking’s critical role and contributions to our nation’s economy. As a partner in this endeavor we are  proud to support the Trucking Moves America Forward movement.

Creating Jobs and Economic Growth

The goals of Trucking Moves America Forward include increasing the industry’s visibility and awareness of it’s economic necessity.  Far too often the positive aspects of the trucking industry are overlooked. Here are a few of those positives the movement is trying to draw attention to.

Nearly every product consumed in the U.S. is transported via truck. New technologies are making the industry more sustainable and efficient. Trucking supports nearly seven million jobs in America and 30,000 job openings are currently available for professional commercial drivers. Trucks play an essential role in local communities providing such services like disaster relief. Commercial trucking is safer than it has ever been.



Outreach and Advocacy

Although the trucking industry’s positive economic impact and safety is on the rise, it still faces some challenges. Policymakers at federal and state levels who are often unfamiliar with the industry wield great power over the industry. Trucking Moves America Forward is designed to help inform both regulators and legislators about trucking’s role in American commerce. The campaign hopes to create support for policies that will help the industry grow and create additional jobs. In addition the movement’s hopes to raise $1 million a year for five years to fund increased community outreach. These funds will further be used to implement employee engagement programs and increase grassroots advocacy.

Join Us in Supporting the Movement

We encourage drivers, carriers, and organizations to learn more and get involved with this movement. To learn more about the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign visit their website at To learn more about Paramount Freight and our 100% Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers fleet click here.


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