Truck Drivers: Be More Than a Number

American truck drivers are a hot commodity right now. With a nationwide shortage of drivers, men and women who hold a CDL can pick and choose their employer. Far too often carriers rely on slick ads and quick sign on bonuses to lure drivers to contract. Drivers who are looking for a long term home and Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers contract need to look beyond the bonus. Truckers, whether over the road or city day drivers should look deeper to see what the carrier is doing to retain their biggest asset, the driver.


Drivers want to be family. As carriers take on larger and larger fleets, individualization is key. This is why Paramount Freight drivers receive regular calls from our driver recruiter/retention staff to check in and learn of any concerns. In addition company wide conference calls are held monthly just to provide increased communication between drivers on the road and home office staff. During these talks, drivers are able to share concerns they have about the trucking industry in general or specific concerns they have with PFS. Once concerns are identified, our staff works with company management and leadership teams to address them appropriately.

We believe it is very important to develop and maintain a connection with our drivers. This connection allows us the opportunity to let each driver know we appreciate what they do for the company on a daily basis. This open line of communication is even more important today, as the industry continues to change and we experience an overall driver shortage. In addition to the weekly calls, we show our drivers appreciation in other ways through programs like King/Queen of the Road, Driver of the Year and referral bonuses.


Will you be our next King?Our “King of the Road” program is built to create morale and recognize excellent service and driving. With this program, drivers must meet a list of criteria each month to earn points and incentives based on a 12 month period.

  • Month 1 Qualify: Driver receives a designated “King of the Road” hat and pin. A pin can be earned for each month following.
  • Month 6 Qualify: The driver earns the “Safe Driver/King of the Road” designation, along with a “Safe Driver/King of the Road” sticker or magnet for their tractor and use of the “Driver of the Month” parking spot.
  • Month 10 Qualify: After 10 consecutive months, the driver will receive a jacket, $250, another sticker/magnet, and use of the “Driver of the Year” parking spot.

We are proud to have drivers in the fleet that have earned KOR honors more than 30 months. The King letterman jacket is a prized possession among our drivers.

Referral Bonus

We offer a monetary bonus to our drivers for referring other drivers to Paramount. We know that our best advertising comes from our drivers. No one can better describe our company culture and benefits than one of our own. Our drivers are awarded cash incentives for every Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers that signs on with Paramount from their referral.


Being a part of the PFS family has its perks. We know working as an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers can feel lonely on the road. As a family member you receive discounts for fuel, truck insurance, parts and service.  Paramount will keep you running with freight, and for those times you are running empty, we pay for those miles as well.

Our Drivers are Valued:

Our goal is to let every driver know that we care with a personal touch. In other words, there is someone our drivers can call and speak with for any issue that arises.

We understand that our drivers make a huge sacrifice by being on the road for several weeks at a time, away from their families. They also endure a range of weather conditions to ensure freight is picked up and delivered on time for the customer. So for us, we believe every driver needs to know how much we appreciate them!

Our company is growing and that means we need to expand our team of professional drivers we depend on to deliver the high quality services our clients have come to expect. Paramount is committed to creating a professional environment for our drivers to succeed. If our fleet meets your needs,  take a minute to learn more about our careers and find out what it takes to join the PFS team. Join us on Facebook to learn more about our company and the programs that make us one of the Best Fleets to Drive For.

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