Truck Driver Appreciation is a Year Round Activity

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Back in May we posted this blog entry discussing how carriers can keep great drivers in their fleet. It is no secret that truck driver recruiting and retention is one of the great challenges in the industry. Paramount set out to be different from the 1st day we leased our first Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers. Now almost 7 years later that 1st driver is still leased with us along with over 100 others since 2008.

Appreciation is More Than a Week Event

We are proud members of the American Trucking Association and applaud all they do for the truck industry. The ATA is a tireless advocate of the American truck driver. While we are joining them this week celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week we understand that our drivers deserve more than a week. Paramount Freight Systems has worked to insure our drivers understand their importance to the company all year long.

Driver Recognition is Key

PFS wanted to do accomplish two things. First is to recognize safe driving and excellent customer service. The second is to set up a system of “thank yous” every time a drive goes above and beyond for a customer. Through out Kings (and Queens) of the Road program we are able to accomplish both.  With this program, drivers who meet a list of criteria each month earn points and incentives. Here is how it breaks down over the calendar year.

  • Month 1 Qualify: Driver receives a designated “King of the Road” hat and pin. A pin can be earned for each month following.
  • Month 6 Qualify: The driver earns the “Safe Driver/King of the Road” designation, along with a “Safe Driver/King of the Road” sticker or magnet for their tractor and use of the “Driver of the Month” parking spot.
  • Month 10 Qualify: After 10 consecutive months, the driver will receive a leather “varsity Lettermans” jacket, $250, another sticker/magnet, and use of the “Driver of the Year” parking spot.

The King of the Road program allows us to recognize driver’s every month they are on the road. The criteria include items like on time deliveries, communication with customers and dispatch, safe driving and clean inspection reports on their equipment.

Perks and Benefits

Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers at PFS are treated like company drivers. Even though our fleet is 100% Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers, our drivers are our family, so we treat them that way. Everyone of our Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers receive fuel, accounting and service discounts with our corporate partners. Perks like this are generally reserved for large companies with large company fleets. Paramount has the benefits of a large company with the relationships of a small fleet. Another benefit is free visual truck inspections at over 150 locations across the United States. We know that when we help drivers care for their equipment, they know we are investing in their financial success. We know also there is no better recruiter than our drivers. With that in mind we offer cash bonuses for every driver initiated referral that leases on with PFS.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

As part of their ongoing efforts to recognize the American truck driver, the ATA began celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. This year is no different and in support of #NTDAW the ATA released this video reminding America of the importance of the truck driver. While many offices will celebrate with cook outs and carry in lunches, our fleet of Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers are on the road serving. Since gathering the entire PFS family for an appreciation luncheon this week was impossible, every PFS driver received a bonus so they could enjoy lunch on road this week on our tab! We encourage you to recognize the truck drivers you know and thank them for making the long haul. 

The Paramount Difference

Paramount Freight is a driver and customer centered fleet comprised 100% of Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers. We are dedicated to helping our drivers be profitable and successful as Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers. If you are considering a career as an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers we would like to help. Our partners are available to answer questions about equipment purchasing or leasing as well as supporting you as a business owner. Contact us here on our webpage at Learn more about how we support our drivers by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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