Top States and Days for Cargo Theft

A new report shows the top states where cargo theft occurred in 2015, the most frequent days when it happened and the top products stolen.

There were a total of 881 cargo theft incidents in America in 2015, according to CargoNet, a national database and information-sharing system managed by crime analysts and subject matter experts.  The estimated value of stolen goods from those incidents was more than $175 million.

As a premiere owner-operator trucking company in America, we at Paramount Freight Systems like to share news and trends about the trucking industry with our clients and readers of this blog.  This latest report has information that can help truck drivers reduce the chance of becoming a victim of cargo theft.

Top States For Cargo Theft

California was the top state for cargo theft in 2015 with 158 incidents reported with a total loss value of $18.7 million. Texas was next with 130 thefts valued at $12.2 million. Rounding out the top five are Florida with 98 thefts, Georgia with 97 and New Jersey with 80. While drivers can’t always pick their routes or the states where they haul freight to and from, this report shows states where drivers need to take more precautions.

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Top Days of the Week for Cargo Theft

It is not a surprise that more theft incidents occurred between Friday and Sunday. Friday is actually the most common day for cargo theft incidents. Wednesday, on the other hand, was the least common day for cargo thefts to occur.

Top Items Stolen

Food and beverage items were the most common stolen freight, totaling about 28 percent of all stolen cargo. Electronics and household items each accounted for 13 percent of the stolen items.

Cargo Theft Prevention Tips

According to CargoNet, unsecured parking remains the top location for large scale cargo thefts. Here are three tips to help you prevent cargo theft.

  • Watch what you say: Don’t tell everyone what you’re hauling or where you’re heading. This includes social media and CB chatter.
  • Watch where you park: Try to park in well-lit, busy truck strop areas near buildings, fueling islands and restaurants. Backing up to buildings, fences and other trailers can make it harder for thieves to open your trailer doors.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings: This means always being aware of what’s around you whether you’re moving or parked. If you think someone is following or tailing you, try slowing down and switching lanes to see what happens.

Here at Paramount Freight Systems, we work with all of our Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers to help them maintain a safe work experience. What other tips do you have? Comment below.

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