Top Blog Articles Focus on Owner Operators

As one of the premier owner-operator trucking companies in America, we at Paramount Freight were not surprised that our most popular blog article this year explained how truck drivers can take charge of their careers and become owner operators. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

We’re happy to use our blog to help inform and educate our clients and others about owner-operators and other trends in the trucking industry.  Read on to learn more about our most popular blog topics of the year.

Becoming an Owner Operator

In our blog article How to Become an Owner Operator Part I, we tell truck drivers how to get started as owner operators. One of the first things you want to do is to track your fixed and variable costs. By breaking these down into daily or weekly amounts, you can keep track of how much you need to break even. This topic was so important that we broke it up into five parts, including how to lease a truck, job boards and how to join a fleet. Click the link to get started.

Top Articles focus on apps for owner operators

Great Apps for Truck Drivers

At Paramount Freight Systems, we really care about our owner operators. We know life can be challenging for today’s professional truck drivers. That’s why we write articles like Four Truck Driver Apps to Help You Out on the Road. This article offers up great information to help today’s truck drivers, from finding a hotel to traffic routes to fitness and more, all available right from your smart phone.

Avoid Common Truck Driving Injuries

We want to make sure our owner operators know about the most common truck driver injuries and how to avoid them. Our article How to Avoid Common Trucker Driver Injuries is full of tips to prevent injuries. Muscle sprains, falls, improper lifting techniques and falling objects are some of the most common injuries. Click the link to learn more.

Top Articles focus on line haul lanes for owner operators

Everyone Loves Dedicated Line Haul Lanes

Our customers and our owner operators love our dedicated line haul lanes here at Paramount Freight Systems. Our dedicated line haul lanes help our drivers to get home more often to see their families, while also ensuring that our customers’ freight arrives consistently in a timely manner. It’s definitely a win-win situation and has proven very successful for us. Read more in our article Line Haul Lanes are For You and You, and You Too!

Orientation Helpful to New Drivers

One of the ways we help our new owner operators get acclimated to our company is through our orientation process. Owner operators get to know and spend time with their new fleet manager and they are assigned a buddy or mentor to help them understand the ins and outs of the job. Read more in our article Orientation Designed to Help New Owner Operators.

What do you think about our most popular blog articles of the year? Click the links to read them all. And if you’re interested in becoming an owner operator, contact us today.

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