Tips for Saving Money as an Owner Operator and Lease Purchaser

Tips for saving money as an Owner Operator and Lease Purchaser? We’ve got some for you!

Being out on the road almost every day as a truck driver can be expensive. Fuel and food expenses and long wait times keeping you from rolling can start to eat away at your budget.

As a leading truckload carrier with expertise in providing top-notch, long haul, expedited, dedicated and regional service, we at Paramount Freight Systems are all too familiar with the expenses that Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers incur from day to day. That’s why we’ve put together these money-saving tips for saving money as an Owner Operator and Lease Purchaser.

National Fuel Discounts

Finding a company that offers fuel discounts can really save you money if you take advantage of the discounts. Sure, the cost of diesel fuel continues to drop, but make it drop further and save even more by taking advantage of the discounts offered to you. Here at PFS, we pay a fuel surcharge on miles. If you are a fuel-saving person who’s really into efficiency, you’ll really like this benefit.

Discounts on Tires and Parts

Did someone say tire discounts? We all know how quickly the need for new tires can arise for truck drivers. If you’re driving for a company like PFS, you can get discounts on tires and parts. Why not go to where the discounts are? A company perk like this is definitely going to save you money, so take advantage of it.


Pack Your Meals

Eating out every day can be costly to your wallet and to your health. Consider packing your meals when you’re able and the savings will start to add up. This will enable you to make some healthy choices, too. Keep your favorite snacks and drinks in your cab to help hold you over and to prevent you from having to buy them on the road.

Put Safety First

Always put safety first because the life you save could be your own. Check with your company to see if there any safety incentives. Some companies offer safety bonuses to drivers who’ve gone a certain period of time without any safety issues. A bonus can definitely help you stretch your dollars. And being accident free for extended periods of time can open more doors for you as a professional truck driver and Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers.

Get Paid for All Your Miles

Whether your trailer is loaded or empty, you should be getting paid for all of your miles. If that’s not currently happening for you, you might want to start looking elsewhere. Driving for free is not going to save you any money.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on saving money as an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers. Are you an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers looking to be home every night? Paramount Freight Systems is looking for dedicated Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers to join our team. We have line haul lanes and regional routes available in 48 states. Contact us today to own your own route to success.

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