Tips to Help Drivers Stay Awake Longer – Part Two

How To Stay Awake

Paramount Freight Systems wants to help our drivers maintain their energy and safely stay awake longer. We know as Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers you work very hard to make sure your business is profitable and running as smoothly as possible. You, the driver, are the key component to making the entire system work. Please take the time to protect yourself and stay safe on the road with these tips. Continue reading to learn this week’s tips to help drivers stay awake longer.

Stay Calm and Control Your Emotions

Did you have a fight with your dispatchers? Maybe a car cut you off? Worried about family issues? You have to let these things go to help yourself. We’re not saying ignore any problems or forget about it altogether, but if you let your emotions run wild they will run you into the ground. The same goes for being too excited. If you spend all your energy jumping up and down or shouting your favorite tune, you will still expend that much needed energy.

Turn Down the Temperature

How To Stay Awake

Keeping it cool can help you stay more alert and awake. We sleep best when we are warm and comfortable. Even though it might be freezing cold outside, if you keep your cab really warm you could get tired easier. We all know sleeping while you drive just isn’t an effective method of transportation. Keep the temperature turned down. Keeping it cool, maybe even a little chilly,  will help you stay awake longer.

Avoid Caffeine in Large Quantity        

Caffeine is great for a quick boost of energy and a little kick in the butt after you wake up. Make sure you don’t overdo it. If you survive on caffeine all day and rely on that to keep your energy up then you will eventually crash. You will crash hard. Make sure to limit your caffeine intake and slow down on the energy drinks. They aren’t good for your health and you are sure to crash in a few hours.

We know you spend long hours out on the road. Truck driving is a tough business. You want to run as many hours as possible to net the most income. If you want to continue as a safe driver, then staying awake and taking care of yourself is a critical part of the job. In case you missed it, here is part one. Join us next week for the final part of this series.

Paramount Freight Systems wants to ensure our drivers are safe while out on the road. We value your hard work and want to help all drivers in any way we can. Stay tuned for part three. If you have any great suggestions to help other drivers stay awake, please reach out and share them on our social media channels. Paramount Freight Systems is hiring top-notch Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers, contact us today!

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