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Advances in technology are allowing truck driving to become increasingly more convenient and more enjoyable for those behind the wheel. These increases in technology are allowing drivers and companies to communicate quickly and allowing drivers to stay connected real time with the changes in the industry.

Internet Connectivity

Truckers are now taking their laptops with them to not only stay in touch with friends and family, but to better enhance the communication with their carrier as well.  Being away from home for months at a time is more tolerable thanks to video chat, email, and other forms of communication made possible with a laptop and a truck stop Wi-Fi connection.

In Cab Solutions

Paramount Freight has partnered with iGlobal LLC, offering us a convenient way for drivers to receive their load information and to communicate with operations. Drivers have the ability to receive messages, directions and any other information needed to get the job done from anywhere. Drivers also have scanners to turn in their paperwork as soon as a load is delivered. Our drivers spend no time messing with trip envelopes. Instead, they simply scan trucking documents from the cab of the truck, and the documents are received almost instantly in the back office. This technology allows for the back office to turn around billing and payroll quickly and correctly. PFS drivers receive their weekly settlements by Wednesdays at noon via email, allowing them to know what will be deposited into their accounts on Friday. Gone are the days when drivers would get their paychecks on Fridays discovering a problem and payroll is gone for the weekend!

Satellite Radio

Unlike AM/FM radio, you can enjoy high-quality sound, no commercial interruptions and no lost signal across the country with satellite radio in your cab.  There are countless stations to choose from as well.  You can enjoy trucking talk shows, entertainment, or following  your favorite sports teams, all of which are available on satellite radio.  Of course, if you simply want to enjoy your favorite kind of music, there are hundreds of stations with all kinds of genres to choose from as well.

TGC and McLeod logosCosting Software

Transportation Costing Group or TCG is software that Paramount Freight Systems utilizes. This software evaluates the profitability of truckload shipments. Truckload service is much more than a move from one point to another. Loading and unloading, stop-offs in transit, head haul and backhaul implications, varying pay scales and empty mile allocations all complicate the task. And even the simplest of calculations can be burdensome if it has to be repeated over and over. To address these, the system calculates based on activity based costing. It develops the cost of moving individual loads, of making specific trips and of handling entire customers. The system does this easily on a historical or prospective basis, using a specially designed model containing your financial and traffic records. This system enables carriers to develop and store an unlimited number of unit cost levels for various categories of drivers by domicile and type. It also develops and stores information on your equipment by type. The program accounts for the cost of loading and unloading, whether your drivers are paid by the stop, by the hour, by the hundredweight, or any combination of these and other parameters. TCG interfaces with the Paramount Freight TMS system which currently is the McLeod Software System. It interfaces with files and with mileage calculation programs to make the costing process as automated as possible. It offers traffic profitability analysis including balance adjustments, showing the true profitability of existing freight and customers, and yes-or-no decision points for load acceptance, given likely backhaul situations or ongoing backhaul experience. We utilize both of these systems to make calculated business decisions each day that have a direct affect on the profitability of our business. This technology allows us to continue to grow and to offer our customers and our drivers state of the art analysis on their business and how we can work in a true partnership.

Social Media chalkboard

Social media is making it easier for us to stay in communication with loved ones.

Social Media

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have gained momentum over the past few years in the transportation industry. Utilizing these social media sites allows companies to reach out and to communicate not only with their own employees and drivers but to potential employees and drivers. People have a window to the culture of a company and can peek inside that company and see what they are doing and how they interact with everyone through these social media outlets. Paramount Freight utilizes each of these sites and welcomes anyone to stop in and take a peek at what we are doing for our customers and Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers.

Each new technology provides driver convenience on the road.  Tech-smart truckers are becoming savvier than ever in order to appreciate all the benefits that await them.  Because of the recent advancements in the industry, it’s safe to assume that even more advances will take place in the future to continually improve the lives of truck drivers everywhere. To learn more about the technology that Paramount Freight Systems is using to make life easier for Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers, visit http: //

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