At every level of our company, Paramount Freight is committed to building lasting relationships with our customers. Customer satisfaction is the very foundation on which each of our services is built on.

Dedicated Contract Strategic Service

At every level of our company, Paramount Freight Systems is committed to building lasting and meaningful relationships with our customers. Customer satisfaction is the very foundation on which this company has been built on.

Our success with dedicated strategic business comes from years of experience in what our customers demand along with our cutting edge solutions that are tailored for each customer’s needs.

Our complete scope of service includes the ability to analyze and calculate the customer’s transportation needs. We have built a strong reputation for offering options that are focused on meeting expectations. Our business unit has a spectrum that includes warehousing options at strategic locations throughout the country. In addition, we are noted for strategic scheduling concepts designed to decrease the number of trucks needed to fulfill your requirements.

Paramount also has a fully staffed logistics division that can complement any customer’s transportation department. PFS offers in-house transportation managers that will work solely with your company and your needs.

While customer requirements change daily, our goal is to remain focused on the success of the customer. Your success and satisfaction are the keys that we utilize in unlocking the doors to an ongoing partnership.

Solo Strategic Service

Our solo independent contractor operations work primarily in the 500 to 1,000 mile mileage bands, providing reliable service at a competitive price.

With all our independent contractor assets in mind, Paramount Freight has developed an optimized freight network to place our capacity within major traffic lanes where they can be best utilized by our customers. PFS has also partnered with other carriers to establish a wide range of coverage across the nation.

Team Strategic Service

Our core market since the company’s inception, PFS has become a proven leader for long haul and expedited services. The approach PFS has taken to these markets is one in which we anticipate and answer our customers’ needs. By providing our team of seasoned professionals in the industry with the best tools available, PFS brings the kind of solutions and top-notch service to the marketplace that have changed the industry today.

We understand that time advantages are crucial to our customers. Teams can typically cover 1,000 miles in 22 hours as opposed to solo independent contractors who travel 500 miles per day. Team shipping is a popular choice among customers with stringent time requirements and those looking to manage inventories more tightly.


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Expedited Strategic Service

When your supply chain demands faster service, Paramount Freight Services’ Expedited Strategic Service is your solution. Our fleet of expedited independent contractors are dedicated and at your service, offering time-sensitive shipment management to get your freight to its destination on time.