8 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Trucker

Every wife or husband of a truck driver spends most of December searching for the perfect gift. Gifts for drivers have to meet some very serious criteria. If it is electric is it safe and does it have an AC/DC plug. Is it rugged enough to handle the bouncing, bumping and moving in the cab? Will your driver use it or will it be in the way? With those requirements in mind, we spoke with some of our drivers and put together a list fit for any other the road driver. Here are 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for your trucker.


What truck driver doesn’t like technology in the cab. From cell phones with music and messaging to new and improved CB radios, cabs are full of technology. Here are three gifts that are sure to make those long hauls a little bit easier.

  • Dashboard GPS Navigation
    • The Garmin nuvi is the best selling model and has great reviews from Amazon. $88.00
  • Hands Free Headset
    • Blue Parrot is consistently the best reviewed headset on the road. The B250XT is well known to reduce background noises and stands up to the rugged truck lifestyle. $79.00
  • Tablet Computer
    • For drivers who want messaging and entertainment solutions, a laptop computer is no longer needed. The Kindle has it all. Movies, music, books and social media applications. The 7″ HD model is available for under $120.00.

In Cab Comfort


When a driver is on the road for days or weeks at a time, small creature comforts of home can really be the difference in a good nights sleep and a good start in the morning. Here are 4 items that can make those long days and nights a little more comfortable.

  • Bedding
    • Every driver is in need of new sheets. These sheets from Bedder Bedding are made for truck sleeper berths. Full sets start at $62.00.
  • Refrigerator
    • Nothing says comfort in the cab like a fridge to keep cool drinks and snack foods fresh. TruckFridge offers a variety of models, portable and built in. Units start at $399.00.
  • Toiletry Bag
    • Carrying a change of clothes and your supplies from truck to shower shouldn’t be a chore. Eddie Bauer makes a rugged bag with room for everything. The Expedition is only $30.00
  • Travel Mug
    • It seems like travel mugs either leak, can’t keep your coffee warm or don’t survive one drop the pavement from the cab. These mugs from Thermos are the most durable and will keep your coffee hot for 6 hours. $24.99 and up.
  • Coffee Maker
    • Sometimes good coffee is best brewed in cab. WalMart sells the Road Pro In Cab Coffee Maker online. Complete with a metal caraffe and AC/DC power plug.  $38.39.

One Size Fits All

For the driver who has it all Gift Cards are a wonderful choice. Our drivers recommended the following stores and websites for the perfect gift.

  • iTunes for music, apps and movies. Apple.com
  • Pilot/Flying J travel stores. pilotflyingj.com
  • Restaurants like ihop or Cracker Barrel  sell gift cards and cater to professional truck drivers.

Driver Dedicated

Paramount Freight is a 100% Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers fleet. As a truckload carrier we depend on our drivers every day to deliver for our customers. We know the best way to find the right gift for your driver is to ask them what they need in their truck or on the road. Paramount does the same thing, with monthly and quarterly meetings, we ask our drivers what they need to be on time and safe on the road.  If you are an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers looking to join a new fleet where your success is a priority, give us a call at 800-799-5144 or leave us a note here at drivepfs.com/contact


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