Get There Faster, Safer With Truck Driver Apps

Get There Faster, Safer With Truck Driver Apps

Truck driver apps continue to grow in popularity and function with today’s professional truck drivers and Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers. The smartphone and tablet apps can help drivers with everything from saving gas, paying tolls in advance and even exercising out on the road.

Here at Paramount Freight Systems, one of the premiere Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers transportation companies in the United States, we are always looking for ways to help those who drive for us. Because a previous blog on truck driver apps continues to draw traffic to our website from readers, we thought it would be a good time to write about this topic again and share more helpful apps.

Find Fast Routes, Parking With Trucker Path Pro

Traditional GPS doesn’t always work for many truck drivers because it doesn’t take into account how big their truck is. It doesn’t realize that a certain turn may be too sharp for a truck. Trucker Path Pro connects drivers with information from other truck drivers including the quickest routes, weight station locations, great places to eat and park. This free app also offers info on truck washes, rest areas and highway detours. Such information can be very helpful for today’s drivers.

Track Fuel Usage with PedalCoach

PedalCoach is a fuel tracking app that helps drivers by preventing them from using more fuel than necessary. The app features a red-yellow-green gauge and a dial that tells drivers how they’re doing. If the gauge stays in the green zone, the driver can expect savings on fuel. Pressing the gas hard or slamming on the brakes moves the dial into the red zone, which means poor fuel usage. There’s also a gaming feel here as drivers can compete against one another, acquiring points for remaining in the green zone for certain periods time.

Active Trucker App Helps Drivers Stay Active

Stay in Shape with Active Trucker

As its name implies, the new Active Trucker app is designed to help truckers stay fit and active. It features 15-minute daily exercises that drivers can do to get in better shape. It is divided into Active Trucker Phase 1 for the beginner and Phase 2, which builds off the exercises previously introduced. Designed by Siphiwe Baleka, a former truck driver and fitness guru to the trucking industry, the app offers ten basic exercises that a truck driver can do anytime, anywhere and with no equipment. The app is free to download but the program costs $29.99. You can also add other drivers, family members and friends on the app and post when you’ve completed a workout. This allows for some accountability and encouragement.

Bypass Weigh Stations with Drivewyze

The Drivewyze PreClear app allows drivers to save time and money by enabling them to bypass weigh stations. Drives don’t have to waste time in line at weigh stations and don’t have to worry about being late with their load. With Drivewyze PreClear, drivers with safe driving records are able to bypass more than 600 sites in 36 states. In fact, the app says you can bypass scales up to 98 percent of the time based on your carrier safety score. A Drivewyze subscription costs $15.75 per month.

What do you think about these truck driver apps? What other apps would you recommend? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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