Easy Ways to Stay In Touch While On the Road

Easy Ways to Stay in Touch

We know it takes a unique personality to become a truck driver. It takes an even stronger person to spend hours upon days away from their family and loved ones. However, this country wouldn’t be able to survive without truck drivers.

At Paramount Freight Systems, we appreciate all of our drivers. We know you put in a lot of hours of hard work and dedication. We want your family and friends to know we care about them as well. It’s tough to stay in touch with your home base while out on the road, so here are some tips to make the distance feel a little closer.

Photo Books

Easy Ways to Stay in Touch

Now you might wonder why the heading didn’t say photo albums, and that was done on purpose. Photo albums as we know them are a collection of pictures. You might flip through some of them and have a quick memory or two about the picture. Photo books are slightly different, and when you ask your wife and kids to create one for you to take on the road, you’ll be surprised how excited they will be.

Photo books are more than just photographs in sleeves. Some items to include in your photo book would be messages or drawings from your children, little notes they write for you to peek at before you go to sleep at night, love letters from you wife, pictures accompanied by hand written messages, or ticket stubs and a picture of the last concert you went to. These are just a few ideas, but make sure each page is personal and includes a little something extra, not just a photo.

Face to Face Video Messaging


With the advancement of technology, there have been a lot of innovations in the way we can speak to one another. You don’t have to just call on your phone anymore. Now you can speak face to face through a variety of programs and devices. We’ll list a few of the easier programs to use depending on what device you might have.


  • Skype
  • Tango
  • Google+ Hangouts

Smart phones:

  • All the options listed above also have an app for smart phones.
  • iOS  FaceTime
  • ooVoo – This one is pretty nifty and deserves a bit of explanation.
    • It is easy to setup and login using your facebook account (most likely your wife and kids already have these.) The bonus is you can chat with up to 12 people. So if your family has multiple devices, you can chat with the wife and kids at the same time and see everyone.

Paramount Freight Systems cares about our drivers and their families. We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to stay in touch with your family at home while you are out on the road. With PFS, you own your route to success, and we want to make sure you stay successful. If you have any questions, please contact us, or if you want to share some methods you use to stay connected, share those with us on our social media channels.

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