Most Common Causes For Trucking Accidents

Most Common Trucking Accidents

Truck driving is a very labor intensive line of work. If you haven’t driven professionally, you might not realize the amount of physical and mental stress these drivers manage on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are also different aspects to driving a tractor trailer than an everyday automobile, that most drivers aren’t aware of.

Paramount Freight Systems wants to make sure all drivers are aware of the challenges drivers face when operating a big rig. Continue reading to learn more about the common causes of trucking accidents.

Common Causes

Driver Error – One of the most common causes of accidents is driver error. There are many things that can occur that contribute to driver error such as driver fatigue, inattention, distractions or substance abuse.

Truck Equipment Failure – The second most common cause of accidents is due to design and manufacturing errors. This includes defective tires, brake systems or failed reverse-detection warning devices. These problems arise when the driver doesn’t perform a pre-trip inspection and proper maintenance of their trucks throughout the year.

Weather Conditions – Although the weather itself is out of our control, being well aware of oncoming storms, snow and ice can prevent possible accidents ahead of time. Braking is much harder in poor weather conditions and can quickly increase the amount of time and distance needed to stop a large truck under full load.

Improper loading – This can cause many unexpected issues while driving. When a load is improperly loaded, it can cause malfunctions to the truck while moving. A common type of loading error is an imbalanced load, which can cause a truck to topple over when it would otherwise remain upright. Improper loading can lead to a load being unsecure and falling off the truck or moving within the trailer.

Most Common Trucking Accidents

Accidents Caused By Other Drivers

There are also a lot of accidents that can be prevented if more passenger vehicles were aware of what a big rig driver has to deal with. Make sure not to ride in the big rigs’ blind spots, especially very close behind the truck or in the center of the trailer. Also, do not cut in front of a big rig and try to stop short or turn. They won’t be able to react as quickly and possibly won’t stop their truck in time.

Paramount Freight Systems wants all drivers to be safe while on the roads. Driving a big rig is a tough profession and only a select group of individuals can handle this work. We appreciate all our drivers and their safety. If you have questions about maintaining your vehicle or safe driving practices, contact us. You can also reach out via our social media channels.

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