Breaking Down the ELD Mandate for Truck Drivers

As an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers, you’ve likely heard the news about the federal government’s mandate requiring that electronic logging devices be installed in all commercial trucks by December 2017. We wrote about it previously in this article.

As the premiere Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers trucking company in America, and a six-time nominee for the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For award, we at Paramount Freight Systems like to keep our Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers and readers of this blog up to date on this new legislation.

As a company that puts safety first, we agree that this legislation will help make highways safer while also making drivers’ lives easier.  This will also help improve the flow of commercial data, which is a plus for the driver, the customer and the transportation company.

ELD Mandate

What Is An Electronic Logging Device?

The electronic logging device or ELD captures the movement of a commercial truck. The device keeps track of the number of miles the truck moves and will also sends updates about the truck’s current location. Transportation companies like PFS love having this kind of information available to them.  The device records the time and location when the engine is turned on or off, and when there is a change of duty status. If a driver is getting too close to or exceeding hours-of-service requirements, the company will know in advance.

How PFS Is Focused On Compliance

PFS already has the ELDs installed in some of the trucks driven by its Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers partners, but not all. We plan to work with all of our Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers to ensure we are compliant prior to the December 2017 deadline.  The good news for our Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers is that we pay 100 percent for the unit and service. That’s right. You read that correctly. We pay 100 percent of the cost of the ELD and the service for our Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers. All of our ELD units will come from iGlobal LLC, a vendor with whom we have a strong and trusted partnership.

What do you think of the ELD mandate? Are you a truck driver looking to be in charge of your own career? Contact us today.

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