Bose Ride® System A Bonus for New Owner Operators at PFS

Bose Ride® System A Bonus for New Owner Operators at PFS

If you’re a professional truck driver looking to make a change in your career, now’s the time to consider becoming an owner operator at Paramount Freight Systems.

While we offer a great benefits package for our owner operators, we’ve recently added a new benefit that any truck driver is sure to like. Rather than our traditional sign on bonus for new owner operators, PFS is now offering the Bose Ride® System. Yes, you read that correctly. Drivers can now opt to have the Bose Ride® System installed in their truck instead of a sign on bonus.

The Bose Ride® System is not your typical truck seat. It’s state-of-the-art seat featuring the latest in suspension technology with its ability to counteract vibration from the road. So while your truck may be vibrating as you haul your load down the highway, the same won’t be true for you and your seat. Watch the video below.

It not only offers excellent ride quality, but the Bose Ride® System has also proven to reduce driver fatigue and pain. Now we’re talking. This is where the rubber meets the road as far as drivers are concerned. They are able to feel the difference these seats make, both during their drive and afterward.

Here is how it works. The Bose Ride® System has a powerful electromagnetic motor that counteracts the movement of the cab floor, creating amazing ride quality. The seat is also completely adjustable with lower and upper lumbar supports, a 3-position thigh support, 3-position seat cushion extension and tilt adjustment as well.

Truck drivers who have used the Bose Ride® System rave about it. These are the results of a study of drivers using the system:

  • 97 percent reported reduced back pain
  • 94 percent reported reduced fatigue
  • 71 percent said they are more likely to avoid a safety incident
  • 64 percent said they had more rapid recovery after road trips

As you can see this is quite the bonus for new owner operators. In addition to the Bose Ride® System bonus, new owner operators here at PFS will also enjoy discounted truck and health insurance, national fuel discounts, parts and tire discounts, a lease-purchase program, a safety bonus program and quality home time when you want it.

If you’re interested in taking your career in a new direction as an owner operator, contact us today.

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