How to Become an Owner Operator or Lease Purchaser: Giving Back

How To Be An Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers

Welcome to the final portion of our How to Become an Owner Operator or Lease Purchaser series. If you haven’t yet read parts one, two, three and four, please do so before continuing with this article. In the last article we discussed one of the most important aspects of the job, how to make money. In this article we will discuss ways you can give back to the community.

Paramount Freight Systems is a five-time nominee and three-time winner of the Best Fleets to Drive For Award! If you are an Owner Operator, or are looking to become an Owner Operator or Lease Purchaser, come join us! We are one of the best all Owner Operator and Lease Purchaser fleets in the business and want to help you own your route to success. We try to give back to the community and you can too!

Wreaths across America

How To Be An Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers

One organization that a lot of truck drivers get involved with is Wreaths across America. This organization’s goal is to place wreaths on a veterans’ grave at any participating location. Many trucking companies, Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers choose to join this cause and help deliver tens of thousands of wreaths every year to honor our veterans.

The history behind this organization is a very touching story.  Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Company based in Harrington, Maine, was a twelve-year-old boy when he first visited Washington D.C. and Arlington National Cemetery. Worcester always respected the veterans who made it possible for him to become so successful in our country. In 1992 Worcester Wreath found themselves with a surplus of wreaths nearing the end of the holiday season. Worcester remembered his visit to D.C. and wanted to give back to the veterans. With the help of Maine’s Senator Olympia Snowe he arranged for the wreaths to be placed at Arlington in one of the older sections of the cemetery that received few visitors.

A handful of companies and other organizations jumped in to organize the transportation and placement of the wreaths. All wreaths were decorated with a red hand tied bow by members of the community. In 2005 a picture hit the internet of Arlington Cemetery and the wreaths covered partly in snow. This instantly harnessed national attention and a flood of support. Now we have Wreaths across America, a nonprofit organization.

How To Be An Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers

You can participate in a variety of ways. You could volunteer your time and go help place the wreaths on the graves yourself. You could offer to be a driver and help transport the wreaths to their destinations. There is opportunity to help with fundraising efforts that will go into helping purchase the wreaths and facilitate the program.

If you’d like to help this organization please reach out and contact them.

Paramount Freight Systems would like to help you reach your goals as an Owner Operator or Lease Purchaser. We’re established and have a solid client base, we’re constantly moving freight and you can, too! Are you interested in working for a company who cares about you and your family? Contact us today. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. You can also connect with us on our social media channels.

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