Let’s Talk About Dedicated Line Haul Lanes

If you’re looking for a dependable carrier to ship freight to and from certain destinations each week, we have four words to share with you: dedicated line haul lanes.

You should definitely take advantage of the dedicated line haul lanes we have available here at Paramount Freight Systems. As a six-time finalist for the Best Fleets to Drive For in the United States, we are always looking for ways to improve our services to our customers.

Ship Dedicated Line Haul Lanes

 If you’re not familiar with our dedicated line haul lanes, this article will help you understand how they can be beneficial to your company.

What Are Dedicated Line Haul Lanes?

As its name implies, dedicated line haul lanes are trucking routes that we have committed to. We have drivers who drive these particular routes every day. They typically travel from point A to point B, making stops along the way and then doing the same as they return to point A.

What Does This Mean For My Freight?

This means that on any given day you can depend on PFS to move your freight to these destinations. That’s why we call it guaranteed capacity for these routes. We’ll always have room for your freight or shipment.

What Other Benefits Are There?

Another benefit to our dedicated line haul lanes is that you can depend on having the same driver or drivers to transport your freight. This makes a big difference to many customers who know they can rest easy knowing they have a driver who is familiar with their freight and any specific handling requirements.

Why Do You Do This?

We recognized the needs of customers to have specific, dependable routes like this. This also helps many of today’s younger drivers who are looking to return home to their families each day. We consider this a win-win situation because it helps our customers and our drivers.

What do you think about our dedicated line haul lanes? Contact us today!

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