Recent Fuel Prices and What They Mean to You

Diesel Fuel

We know it’s tough out there being a truck driver. Fuel prices often are a large concern and can be a leading factor when pricing freight shipments. The current price drop will be beneficial to not only the drivers, but the shippers and consumers as well.

At Paramount Freight Systems, we appreciate all of our drivers. We know you put in a lot of hours of hard work and dedication. Here are some of our thoughts on the current state of diesel fuel prices.

Price of Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel

Fuel prices are a large determining factor in the trucking industry. Depending on the current price of fuel, it could change the cost of shipping – especially over long distances. We’d like to take a look at the current rate of fuel and how it is affecting the driver population in the first quarter of 2015.

Paramount Freight Systems wants to make sure our drivers are prepared and well-equipped to handle any challenges thrown their way. We want all of our Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers to be successful and own their route to success. Continue reading to learn more about the current fuel prices and how they compare to last year.

What to Expect

Moving forward into 2015, we should see the price of diesel start to average out. With the sudden increase of diesel over the last few weeks, we shouldn’t be too concerned with the short term picture. In the long run, the prices have steadily been decreasing since July of 2014 and are significantly lower than they were this time last year. Depending where in the country you are located, the cost comparison could be as high as a dollar to a dollar fifty less than what you paid in 2014.

Current Conditions

Right now, with the sudden but slight increases in fuel costs, it might seem like the good days are ending early. Don’t fret just yet! Fuel prices compared to last year are still much lower across the board. The slight uptake in cost could be accounted for by the current strikes in the oil industry. For every cent saved in diesel, this amounts to a savings of over $300 million throughout the trucking industry. These savings are returned to the drivers, shippers and consumers with less freight moving on railroads. Expectations are for fuel to average out around $2.85 through most of 2015.

It is easy to get caught up following the news on the highs and lows of the fuel prices. Try to look at the positive side during this time and know that fuel costs right now compared to this time last year are significantly lower.

Paramount Freight Systems cares about our drivers and their concerns. With PFS, you own your route to success, and we want to make sure you stay successful. If you have any questions, please contact us, or if you want to share your thoughts on the current fuel prices, connect with us on our social media channels.

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