5 Reasons to Have a Mini Travel Blender in Your Truck Part 1

5 Reasons to Have a Mini Travel Blender in Your Truck

Do you skip breakfast? Do you miss many meals while out on the road? Do you stop multiple times a week at fast food restaurants? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a simple and low cost solution for you. The mini travel blender. This will be a healthier and quick solution your mind and body will enjoy.

Paramount Freight Systems cares about its drivers. We want you to stay healthy and feel good while out on the road. We know it is hard to stop and eat when you have deadlines to meet and freight to deliver. With a mini travel blender you can create a quick and delicious meal in your cab within minutes. Read the reasons why you should have a mini travel blender in your truck.

5 Reasons to Have a Mini Travel Blender in Your Truck

5 Reasons Why You Want a Mini Travel Blender

  1. You can drink your smoothie or shake right from the blending container.
  2. Most blending containers are shaped to fit into your cup holder.
  3. Your personal shake or smoothie will be healthier than stopping for fast food.
  4. Most mini travel blenders cost less than $25.
  5. You can make more than just drinks in a mini travel blender.

The trick to using the mini travel blender is to plan ahead and keep things simple. There are plenty of complicated recipes out there but all you need are the basics to get started today. If you are following any truck driver exercise plans you can incorporate some protein powder into the smoothie or shake too. Join us for our next article as we get more in-depth on smoothie ingredient ideas.

At Paramount Freight Systems we appreciate all the hard work that goes into being an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers. We know this is not an easy job but we want to help make life on the road feel as close to home as possible. It’s hard to not eat fast food while on the road but we all know the best food comes from home cooking. A simple smoothie each day can help you save money and feel closer to home. Want to learn more about being an Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers? Contact us! Also share your smoothie recipes with us on our social media channels.

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