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The “Capacity Crunch” seems like the new normal. So where does that leave the shipper?  Carriers know that shippers can help. Here are 4 tips for shippers that will help you remain a shipper of choice.

The Capacity Crunch is Real

The capacity crunch is here and many shippers find themselves forced to compete with one another for carriers. In fact, the term “Shipper of Choice” has become so popular that entire websites and articles have been written on how to become one.  At PFS we aren’t interested in pitting one shipper against another. However, we do see that when the shipper and carrier work together there are benefits for everyone.  If you find yourself struggling to find carriers these tips might be of assistance.

Tender Accordingly4 Tips for Shippers

Your carriers have their sweet spot just like everyone else. Make sure you understand how your outbound and inbound aligns with your carrier needs and then tender accordingly. Make transportation a partnership. Oftentimes a simple conversation with your sales rep can help you identify better pricing, faster lanes and more convenient shipping options. This can only occur when you are working with your carrier to find opportunities that benefit you both simultaneously.

Reduce Dwell Time

Idle trucks and drivers cost carriers money. Those costs are passed onto you the shipper.  By keeping your yard clean, doors clearly marked and having loads ready on the dock driver wait times are greatly reduced. Additionally, having the resources to load efficiently and correctly will help your driver get on their way.  When the experience at your shop is a good one at both the dock and office, the carrier will make you a priority.


We value our drivers and the customers we partner with at Paramount Freight Systems. This core value is the reason we continue to find capacity for our valued customers. We approach each customer as a partner where their success is critical to our success. Shippers can find success thinking the same way.  Consider this: Without a carrier, how would you get your product to the customer? It’s a partnership built on respect for one another where both parties are eager to be successful together.


Communication with customers and our drivers is a top priority. Clear communication about the size, type and weight of your freight is key information for your carrier. Having all the details ready when requesting shipment saves money. When capacity and shipping lanes are tight, like we currently see, communication becomes more and more important. Equipment breakdowns, delays, and errors happen in the course of moving freight, but constant and clear communication can prevent the carrier/shipper relationship from being damaged. Clear and honest upfront communication with a carrier will save you time and money.

The Paramount Difference

At Paramount every relationship with every customer and every driver is important. We understand that a driver’s success is directly linked to the customers success and that customers depend on carriers and drivers for theirs. Paramount is a 100% Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers fleet. We are dedicated to providing the tools drivers need to succeed as Owner Operators and Lease Purchasers.  Our drivers understand that respect, communication and top of the line service to customers is key to their financial success on the road. Learn more about Paramount, our truckload services and our drivers by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

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